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OMFG!!! I'm learning to hate winamp

What was once the smoothest and easiest mp3 player available in the 90's is now a bloat whore of BS.. Freaking 5 different pages to go through to simply install your program, are you fugging kidding me?

Even then it was annoying to get to.

Originally on your home page, there isnt even any option t oDL the damn program.

I have no idea what i did to allow me to click a download link, but it's not working for me now...

Looks like switching to full screen works, but this is ridiculously maddening to not have a webpage that automatically corrects itself and shows links.

With many other players out there these days, the small things matter, and from what i see, what winamp used to excel at, is an afterthough... rehire your old programmers, they knew what they were doing...
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Winamp has evolved. It is not the digital music player it was 20 years ago.

AOL sold Winamp to Radionomy over 2 years ago and the dust still has not settled. Some of the internet-based features provided directly by AOL, or by 3rd parties that AOL paid, are not working.

Maybe you should use something else, but here is a link to the current patched version (http://meggamusic.co.uk/winamp/Winamp_Download.htm).

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i am also a happy user of Winamp and it's a great player and also i have shared this player in my website that you can see in this link:
Download Winamp
so i suggest you again that if you have a problem you can share or use the latest version of the player
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Well i am still using it for internet radio It is fine for me
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by the way - is it only problematic for my mac, it wont install - but i think the problem is elswere, i have paralells and it could be this, what is causing problems...
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Get a grip of reality dude.
Dumb reasoning from the outset considering Winamp is "missing in action, presumed dead".

The Winamp installer has multiple pages during install so that you can easily avoid bloat if you don't like it.
If you have a bloated Winamp, it is because you did not bother to look at what the options were.
Would you rather there were a huge list of optional versions of Winamp with every permutation ?

I can tell you that you won't like Winamp at all, because you may have to install other plugins to do even more wonderful things.
This will involve the hassle of having to run yet another installer, and maybe even having to configure something after that.
Oh my heart bleeds.

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Come on

Winamp is the greatest Music Player ever on the face of the earth.
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I found Winamp back in '99 and loved it....my wife and I used it to play our collectively ripped CD collection on random. Despite other players having a "shuffle" or a "random" feature, they all seemed to play the same tracks during a session whereas Winamp's 'random' really randomized and wouldn't play the same the track during the same session. We called it "Wow Machine Radio."

Winamp and shoutcast was the first place I found where people were streaming music,TV series, and movies as early as 2002 motivating our house to 'cut the cable' as early as 2005. (Later, we moved on to justin.tv for streaming video)

But then between 2007 and 2011, the winamp player started crashing more often... the 'surround' sound outputs and other "features" kept getting added... I'd pretty much given up on Winamp about five years ago when it had really bloated up to an unstable mess.

When I discovered that AOL sold it off and there was a rolled-back version 5.6xx version, I immediately downloaded it and loaded our 180gb library into the playlist and randomized it and turned on 'shuffle' play and haven't used anything else for music since. I was so happy to have it back, I even re-downloaded the DSP and DNAS and started streaming Wow Machine Radio to the internet.

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