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Do you remember?

Ok, since the threads are mostly so utterly boring I decided to make my own, and this thread is about the oldschool netsurfers and oldschool hardcore gamers. So I have a few questions about this.

- Do you remember Commander Keen and the Invasion of the Vorticons?
- Do you remember how to access a BBS?
- Do you remember the difference between the weapons of GDI and NAD of Command & Conquer?
- Do you remember when everyone was braging about having a 14.4 baud modem?
- Do you remember FastTracker and QPEG?
- Do you remember how to complete the first map of Doom with 100% of everything?
- Do you remember DOTT?
- Do you remember ROTT?
- Do you remember One Must Fall?
- Do you remember how many episodes there was in the full version of Wolfenstein 3D and how you started Wolfenstein to be able to use cheats?
- Do you remember how the sound of PC speaker music sounded?
- Do you remember Pinball Dreams/Pinball Fantasier/Pinball Illusions?
- Do you remember Sierra adventures like Police Quest/Space Quest/Larry
- Do you remember the password to gain access to the ho in the bar of Larry 1?
- Do you remember Quarantine?

If you have any things you wanna add it would be fun or just if you remember any of those things

And sorry for posting at the wrong forums... it was supposed to be general discussion... and I have asked jones to move it.

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