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Sherwin Maxawow
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New to AVS. Can someone enlighten my understanding?

Recently I had something strange happen to my Geforce graphics card, which just stopped working for some reason. So I have been having to use my very weak on board graphics card which isn't able to run visualizations like Milkdrop which I have always preferred over AVS.
Due to my little break away from using a decent graphics card, I've been starting to discover AVS like I never have before in the past. Perhaps that is because the last time I visit AVS Land, I was using a less powerful CPU. Since then I have upgraded to a much faster Dual Core chip, as well as twice the ram as before and a new more advanced motherboard. Though I am not sure how much the new board and extra ram helped out, if at all. But either way I was amazed at how much nicer it looked compared to how I remember it.
Although perhaps the visual difference I am now seeing is also partly due to the evolution in the AVS programming itself, since I am sure it has been upgraded once or twice since I last played around with it.

Whatever the case may be, I'm been genuinely surprised at what AVS has been showing me. It seems to have a very artistic quality to many of the presets, that I just find "pretty" in a kind a richer way than what Milkdrop usually shows. I only wish that it could perform the same presets in fullscreen in the same high resolution quality and smoothness of Milkdrop. That really is the only downside of AVS.
I would really appreciate it if somebody with a clear understanding of AVS would explain in a basic, simply way just why it would be so hard to make AVS compatible with direct 3D support? I have read over past posts where this was discussed, but I still need more clarity in it all....if someone could deliver that?

Another interesting question I thought would be worth asking is if there are ANY fast CPU's out their or computer systems of any kind that are capable of running AVS as smoothly and clearly as MIlkdrop in fullscreen? Or at least maybe close to it? Silicon Graphics Workstation maybe? Supercomputer chip? Or anything within a realistic price range?

I also would really appreciate if some of you would share your optimistic views regarding AVS both now in the present and looking ahead at AVS in the future. What can we expect to see in the world of AVS? Try to think out of the box on that one as best as you can, please.

Is it remotely possibly that programming or the architecture of computer hardware itself could ever make it easier for AVS to spread some 3D wings?
For example.....what if like Intel or some other company suddenly reinvented the wheel so to speak...by designing a new kind of chip architecture which somehow combined both the CPU with the graphics processing into one UNIFIED chip???! Or somehow they made it so there was no separation at all between what we call the CPU and the GPU, making some sort of hybrid computer!
I have no idea how plausible that idea really is or isn't.
But then again how hard in the year 2007 must it really be for AVS to incorporate direct 3D support in addition to the way it works now?

Thanks for any feedback and insights that you share.
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