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i think your missing my point, if you take blocks of prest code and throw them together, then just throw some premade shapes in there, its not going to work right. assuming the shape only uses the vars that come stright from md, they will work, but if they are being passed ither an x/y coord, a mtime, or a custom volume variable, then they wont work right inless you set up the output from the per frame code correctly.

as for transions, the reasion they look good is because milkdrop runs the perframe for both of them, passes there variables, then mixes the result, if you just stick the first have of one, and the second half of another together, they might not function properly.

milkdrop calculates the bass/mid/treb(music reaction) vars by taking the raw wave it gets from winamp, dampering it a little, running an fft, to get the three band divisions, then i think it runs through a low pass filter, to remove the noise.

if your going to try this, i'm telling you, your gonna need to learn the math behind it, or at least some of it(the vars involved, ect.) there really isnt any way around it. just try by taking two or three presets and put them in there own directory, and try mixing them together, you'll find it isnt always as easy as it seems.

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