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The RAM will be "scratch" area for media editing and also for slowing the computer's depreciation. It works together with the 2.83 core2 quad processor. These specs seem a bit wasteful for most apps, but if it saves me time while working, I'll accomplish more and earn more per time unit, making the gear pay for itself.

The 16GB setup was actually (and I had a lot of trouble believing it at first) the least expensive price per gig that I could find among decent memory (I got the memory for under $400, free shipping, no tax) at under $25 per gig!

I thought I would just use the media center with the operating system, but now that new links have come up, I might try those too. Thanks.

Finally, in a pinch, work has free site licenses for good ol' 32 bit XP Pro. I could have that on one of the old PATA drives that are sitting around.

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I have a work box and also the one hooked to my TV. Beyond TV gives you some stuff the others don't have, like automatic Divx compression. An athlon 3800 x2 is what I use in this box. You'd need to be a bit faster (3 ghz) to use H264 at full HD. I usually compress everything to 420p @ 2 megabits in Divx and it seems to work fine.

The 2 Ghz processor seems to work fine and I have the Firefly remote which came with dead batteries. That's a common complaint I guess.

The built in server will let you watch compressed stuff on any remote computer with a Divx web player. $30 more will get you H264 and ipod/iphone sync. I wish the PSP worked

I think you'd probably be better off with a box you'd dedicate to being a PVR. Mine has a 500GB drive in it, which is hundred of hours of Divx. Even mining network stations with the thing gives quite a bit of TV to watch. Probably more than I do.

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