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They're...The Same!

Has anyone here played Devil May Cry 3 and watched some of Inuyasha? And care to comment on whether or not they seem to have the SAME storyline with the SAME central character archetypes, down to the swords of the brothers?

You know--dead human mother, dead demon father, half-demon brothers, one's quiet and dresses in cool colors with a samurai sword, one's brash and dresses in red with a huge sword, the dead demon father's grave (who sacrificed himself for someone else) marks the passage between the human and demon worlds, foes of the demon father turn up to terminate his bloodline out of spite and harass the brothers...

Seriously, this must be some sort of Japanese story archetype.
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I wouldn't be surprised. The prototypical story might even go back further than Japan.

Who is the milkman? What is the purpose of the goggles?
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I am sorry. I have heard about it for the first time from this thread.
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I haven't yet watched any of the above mentioned series etc. I have heard a lot about Inuyasha but could not get any opportunity to watch it's video.
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