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Certain files won't play / not showing after 4.0.4

As it says in the thread title, after Ice Cream Sandwich, a few of my albums simply will not play off of my RAZR on my PC. When browsing my library on my RAZR, detached from my PC, those same files don't even show up. At first these albums were synced to my device and labeled as 'unknown', they were playable at this point on my PC. I deleted them and re-synced. They then showed on the device while hooked up to my PC with the proper tags, but would not play. On the RAZR itself, they simply don't show up.

The files play just fine from my hard drive, but once they are transferred to my RAZR it's a no go. All the troublesome albums I have found so far are m4a. Other m4a files play just fine. What's going on here? Everything was working flawlessly before Ice Cream Sandwich.

I was tempted to think it was a problem with ICS, but all the files that will not play in Winamp on my RAZR play just fine in the stock player. I have double check the advanced settings, and all the necessary supported formats are there. I'm at a loss.

Any help would be appreciated.
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can we have a sample file. it sounds like the files are broken somehow.

upload it to a free host and link it here.

something like yousendit

alternatively try remaking the files from the original source.
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Materials of green packaging designs

There are all kinds of desiccants in our daily lives, such as silica gel desiccants( welldry.com ) and fiber desiccants. And their packaging designs are more and more green.
Choosing materials of green packaging designs should be followed the following several principles. The first one is lightweight, thin and easy to separate, which has high performance. And its materials should be recycled and renewable. Then they are edible packing materials, which can degrade. The following one is the use of natural resources to protect the environment.
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My droid charge by samasung plays all find, but i added some new albums this weekend and they wont play if i go threw winamp. But if i go to my media folder where the songs are stored on sdcard and select it from there and tell it to open with winamp it plays. Anyone have any suggestions on that. Its just the new albums I added them weekend. All others play fine straight through winamp.
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I found a better solution to my problem anyways. Say your mp3 tags are not exactly right and you click the winamp icon (bottom right) in winamp moble then click say like Rap it doesn't aways show what songs are in the correct folder. Its not winamps fault its just the mp3 tag process.

If you do this it will be much nicer. Open winamp and click your settings button on phone. then click customize home and move the folders icon up above like artist, albums, songs, genres and all that. Then click the settings button again and hit Folders icon once you get to where your MP3's are stored (folder before) click and hold and tell it to Set Home! Then when you open winamp and click the bottom right icon you can just click the folders icon and it goes right to where you want. You just click what genre you want or folder depending on how you have your phone setup it basically is just browsing the sdcards mp3 folder that you set as home. All plays from there! Woot Wooot
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