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Removing functionality of the '0' key

I constantly press the 0 key by accident when I mean to press the right (-->) key to fast forward thru the song/video and it brings up a window. This is kind of persistent and annoying so I was wondering if there was a way to disable this functionality so when I press 0 it won't do anything.

Also, I'm sad to hear that Winamp will be shutting down in 2 days. Does this mean the end of the forums? I know I'm not a frequent poster but believe it when I say my allegiance starts with a W branded on the Dalai Llama's ass.

I've used Winamp since I was a little kid for movies not just for music. You guys HAVE to release it open source if you hope to continue its legacy. No other player matches the level of customization and user friendliness of Winamp and it will be forgotten shortly after its demise regardless of its historical, critical acclaim, it will be forgotten in months. People are fuckheads with no respect or legible attention span.

I implore the devs to release the source code.

Thanks for hearing me out and mods feel free to amputate part of my post into a new thread if you think the second half is off topic but don't delete it.
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Go read the other threads about why Open Source is not possible (licensing issues is among one of the many reasons). BUT you can still write plugins which is just as good if not better than getting your hands on the source code. it is the Plugins that give Winamp its abilities and features.
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solution is a custom language pack with the 0 key removed from the accelerator table in winamp.lng.
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So is there an English lang pack I can make/use and manually modify it?



I downloaded the .wlz file which I see is a zip file that has winamp.lng in it. Where is the accelerator table? No "accelerator" text string when I view with a hex editor.

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