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Winamp changes track after x seconds.


I've been using Winamp since 2000, and I still love it. I prefer over any other mp3-player.
This morning, out of nowhere, Winamp starts to change track after a random amount of seconds. Anything from 0.5 to 60 seconds. It is driving me insane!

I have never encoutered this problem before.

I might've pressed a key by accident that changes something as I was using Putty at the same time, and was about to type something into the terminal while I still had the Winamp window active.

Not sure which version I used earlier, but I re-installed to version 5.1, but the problem remains.
I took a look at Settings->Output-> DirectSound output v2.4, this is what I have:

I'm gonna try v 2.95 now, since 5.1 didn't have ID-tags enabled.
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I suggest you always use the latest version of Winamp unless you have a known reason (not a guess) not to do so, such as a 3rd party plug-in you need to use that will not work with it. As of the date of this post, the latest version is the fully patched version of release 5.666.3516 (http://meggamusic.co.uk/winamp/Winamp_Download.htm).

I also suggest you select the sound device (on the DirectSound configuration window's Device tab) that is selected as the default playback device in the Windows control panel's Sound utility, instead of the "Primary Sound Driver" option. Also disable the "Allow hardware acceleration" and "Create primary buffer" options.

If you are using Winamp's crossfading leave the DirectSound output plug-in buffers at their default values (2000, 500, and 500) or increase them. Each of the second two buffers must be equal to or less than the first. If you are not using Winamp's crossfading, you can reduce the buffer sizes to limit response latencies. I suggest no less than 500, 200, and 200.

If these suggestions do not help, then it would probably help to have more information about your Winamp installation. You can use the "Winamp Info Tool" (http://koopa.meggamusic.co.uk/infotool/) to create a report containing comprehensive information relating to the installation. The tool puts the report in a zip file. Attach this zip file to a post.

You probably don't have any of them installed, but I know of at least one 3rd party plug-in that can do what you are reporting.

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