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Can Shoutcast be used to run an Online Radio Station through a webpage?

Hello all;

I have been messing around with several different streaming media services over the last few day, and have not found one that meets the requirement I have.

I am currently playing around with Windows IIS Smooth Streaming Playlist.
It is nice, and does work rather well, to a point.

I have installed but cannot get to work is IceCast with BUTT.
Must be missing something on it?

Please let me know if Shoutcast can be used for this.

(Have this in mind. An online radio station)
#1: Using a web-based page, to start and stop the stream.
#2: Add songs to the stream and remove songs from the stream through the web page.
#3: Have the server read from a file that is generated from a database.
#4: Talk through a live Mic, to the listening audience.
There are other things as well, but I just cannot think of them at this moment.

System specs.
Windows 10 Pro, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2016 Server (180 day trial on this one)
Fixing to bring in a dedicated server.

ASUS Server
36GB Ram
2 x Dual Core Processors
Windows 2008, 2012, or 2016 will be installed on it.
Will be up and running by or before mid-April.

Thanks All
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