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I used to hate RPGs, but then I broke down

I was getting extremly bored with the collection of games I had right now...Everything I have I still play, but I wanted something new in my collection; I had nothing that I hadn't already played through that could entertain me for more than an hour anymore...

So yesterday, I desided to trade some of my games in for something else at this one local store (2 for 1 deal; Traded in two games I hadn't even touched since I got them for X-mas 3 years ago - SSX and Resident Evil: Code Veronica), and I got $10 store credit...I had been eyeing Final Fantasy X for a while now, even though I'm hardly a friend to RPGs at all (Primarily like racing, fighting, and action games), and the only RPG I've ever played was Pokémon on my Gameboy, but that was like, 4-6 years ago...Yeah, I know FFX is an old-ass game, but so are GT3 and GTA:VC in my collection, and I still have fun with them whenever I pick them up...Besides, I heard FFX was a good game, so maybe this would be a good time to arse my opinions and just find some entertainment...I picked up a used copy and wondered; What the hell do I have to lose?

Well, time is the only thing I have to lose...If it wasn't for all the limited hours in a day (Especially on a school night), I'd probably plop my lazy-ass down and play until the day is wasted away...What's that mean? I'm fucking addicted...I don't know why I've hated RPGs for these years, but since I've given them a second chance, they're actually pretty fun...And FFX is indeed a good game; Only had the time to put 3-4 hours worth of gameplay in, but I'm liking it so far... I've reminded myself one of the things I hate in RPGs is that many of the battles can just happen at total random, but you can't have an RPG without random battles, now can you?

Ugh...I never thought it would come to this, but it has, thanks to Square Enix...Dammit...

"I just want to lie in my own crusty filth, eating rancid egg sandwiches, until some unfortunate paramedic has to blow down my door to find my bloated and pasty corpse wedged between the nightstand and mattress stained with Bengay and Robitussin DM." - Greg Gutfeld on sex and seniors
"Syphilis does not stay in Vegas. Debt collectors do not stay in Vegas. Dead hookers stay in Vegas, but the guilt stays with you forever." - Bill Schultz
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I haven't actually touched a game in months now... Primarily since Katrina slammed this place, I'd been working lots of overtime and was pretty much occupied with that until a couple weeks ago. My GameCube is still in the box from when I packed it up back in May, because it was supposed to be coming with me to the Pacific Northwest, but it and I are still here. We'll both get a change of scenery soon enough though, I hope.

I'm thinking about picking up a copy of Quake IV for my computer, though. Not exactly an RPG, but it'll be the first time I've had a game installed on any of my computers in about four years. I used to love Q2 and Q3:A back in the day, so I think this would be worth my time.
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I hate RPG's too. Everytime I touch one, months of my life disapear. KOTOR was the last. Fable is looking to be the next. Just watching my friends play it makes me itch.

I'm Back?
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FFX is indeed quality, I kick myself that I never really got to finish it, I played and played for weeks on end when it first came out, then I got ill, put it down for a week or two, then it was three, then a month, then two months and before you know it I'd totally lost it.

I tried picking it up again a year or so later, but I'd forgotten all the plot up to then and most of how to play and couldn't be arsed to learn over again, much less start again from scratch.
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Right now I'm playing through the entire FF line, starting with I and II remade for the GBA.
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Check out final fantasy 9 too. its a deep old school rpg that you cant help but be interested in. but unlike part 10 most final fantasy games take forever before they really let you know whats going on. (they make you get to love the characters first.) so be patient. if your truely a fan of rpg you should have no problem really liking paper mario and the thousand year door for the cube or mario and luigi superstar saga for the gba. (these games are based on reaction time instead of randomized values and you can see enemies instead of being drawn into random battles.) if you can look past the frequently corney akwardness set to bad music of final fantasy x-2 you should have no problem appretiating that as a good game. chrono trigger and chrono cross for psx are recomendable. trigger if you like oldschool 2d gameplay and chross if you like thick battle systems and lots of flash. even though i never really got too into it when i rented it, fable is hard not to mention. (ill probably end up buying fable now that its out for the box in 20$ lost chapters form.) fable's not turn based though its hack and slash but not rapid fire one button like lotr. (boo lotr 2,3 are over rated.) even though i enjoy and have a butt load of rpg's they're still the hardest kind of game for me to sit down and play becuase i never feel like im ready to pay attention and enjoy them and i always feel like im doing something wrong and missing something.

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Re: I used to hate RPGs, but then I broke down

Ugh...I never thought it would come to this, but it has, thanks to Square Enix...Dammit...
didn't you know?
Square ALWAYS "PWNZ ALL" at least in rpg's
[EDIT] i've heard FFXI (the online one) is the most addicting yet [/EDIT]

I hate everyone, so you don't have to.
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Lightbulb Gas Powerd games

Microsofts Wake up Call
New game designer at MicroLimp
Dungeon Seige 2 a hook up between Micronoodle and gas powered games Is a new R.P.G that as much as I Hate to admit, it is a GOOD One.....
ign.com rates it at 8.5
Chris Taylor At gas powered games has a Real winner with this one....
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I think there are much better RPG's than Final Fantasy.

FFX really sucks compared to some of the older ones, but even I don't think they're that great. I'm not a huge FF fan.

But, my favourite RPG ever made is Skies Of Arcadia for Dreamcast and Gamecube. You play as Vyse, who's this young air pirate. It has an incredible story, and it's one of the most addictive games i've ever played.
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I hated RPG's until a few years ago. I guess I had an extremely short attention span, but then I played Chrono Trigger. That game changed my life forever, for the worse I guess, didn't get outside for a while after that...Then came the Final Fantasy line, Sectret of Mana and so on and so on
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