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DJ Egg
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Post All Winamp 5.31 Core Bug Reports In This Thread

Report ALL Winamp 5.31 bugs in THIS thread
EXCEPT for any bugs that have to do with the Plugins INCLUDED with Winamp 5.31

Provide the Following Information with every Report,
and with every CONFIRMATION of someone else's report:

-Winamp 5.31 ( - clean install
-System specs (mobo, cpu, ram)
-Windows OS, including Service Packs
-Video Card, Video Card Drivers version
-Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers version
-DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag)
-Detailed step-by-step method of reproduction (eg. numbered list)

Plus confirmation that the bug exists with NO 3rd-party plugins installed,
and whether the bug occurs with the default modern and/or classic skin
(3rd-party plugins & skins are NOT supported here).

If applicable, send us Error Logs and/or FULL Error Messages.

The more information you provide US, the faster we can or will help you.
eg. the format/extension of the filetypes you are loading/playing;
a link to a zipped sample of a particular problem file, etc.
an attached HJT log to show concurrently running processes and startup items, etc.

Also, be sure to read other stickys first, especially:
Known Winamp 5 Bugs
Fixed Winamp 5 Bugs
How to write a useful bug report

*All versions of Winamp 5.31 not downloaded from the Nullsoft server are not supported

Do NOT post requests for Technical Support in the Bug Reports forum.

This thread is not a discussion thread. Post the reproducable bug and that is it!

Incomplete reports/useless posts will be deleted (you have been warned).

Please do NOT post any reports for any public beta versions here.
Use the dedicated sticky thread in the Winamp Discussion forum instead.

Maintained by DJ Egg
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I found that spectrum analyzer right side not active or minimum active,
are who told me about that. old version collective display.

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Windows XP x64 Pro

I thought it stopped existing, when I was going to report it. But now it happened again, It's BACK!

The bug is related to "Always On Top" option.
Launching WinRAR and extracting a mp3 file which weighs 100mb.
Winamp does not obey the "Always On Top" functionality.
Maybe opening Winamp through the "Start Menu", will make Winamp start normally and "Always On Top".

I also get some weird crash, visualization error. But I can't reproduce it. I guess it happens after a while, maybe is related to playing large files. After I press "Stop" on Winamp and press "X" to close. Winamp window gets killed then maybe if this bug is going to manifest it does it and displays a red colored window, saying "mak error" for visualization.

Best Regards,
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DJ Egg
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We can't reproduce the problem.
Please read the first post again.
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xen withanex
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When 24bit output is selected when using Audigy2 sound cards and output format is DirectSound [out_ds.dll] the 24bit sound alternates on and off between tracks.

This has been posted before I'm sure, but I want to know if you guys working on a fix for this because the 24bit output through DirectSound (when working) sounds truely amazing and the current quickfix of using WaveOut is pants, as I now know the sound quality I'm missing out on.

I'm using all the latest drivers, a new set was released recently which suprised me. Maybe as it is an alternating track problem having winamp play a hidden seperate millisecond of silence after each track would fix it?

What I'm asking is are you guys working on a fix for us poor audigy 2 users?
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It's a driver issue and affects all creative cards from audigy 2 zs and earlier aka all so-called 24bit creative cards...

As such there's little i believe that can be done on the nullsoft/out_ds/24-bit output setting to rectify this issue other than by disabling all fades in the out_ds plugin's configuration since it is a hardware limitation of the cards. Either way creative have messed up with them be it on a hardware/driver level with the card. The newer audigy 2 nx, audigy 4 and x-fi cards do not suffer with this limitation.

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when using the keyboard shortcuts for the equalizer to increase the EQ preamp (the ` key), if the preamp is at the maximum, pressing the shortcut key again causes the preamp to jump to the minimum level, as if the bar had "wrapped".
this does not appear to be by design, as this does not occur if you try to lower the preamp level beyond the minimum level, or indeed for any of the other EQ bands.
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When I ctrl-click to multi-select folders to enqueue them many Winamps will come out.

E.g: when I select 3 folders, 3 Winamp instance will appear each with the contents of one of the 3 folders appended to it's playlist.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Sorry, but we could not reproduce this problem.

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"Stop after current" breaks queueing.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open a playlist.
2) Enqueue ("q" button) some songs.
3) Start playing.
4) Right click "stop" and select "stop after current".
5) Click "next".
6) The next song will *not* be the next song in the queue.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Sorry, but I can't reproduce this.
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Inventive Soft
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Had Winamp 5.3 installed on my system for a few months, and found out recently when a new Winamp version was available, Winamp wasn't flagging up that there was a new version available when it was being run. Winamp was run many times before I upgraded to 5.31. Each time it was run I had "Check for new versions of Winamp at startup" checked, but it wasn't giving me any indication that there was a new version. Can anybody confirm / reproduce?

Processor: Celeron 800 MHz
Graphics: 128MB GeForce 5200 PCI
Internet: LAN Connection (100 Mbit [not actually 100 Mbit, but that's what Windows is telling me])
OS: Windows XP Home SP2
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DJ Egg
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5.31 isn't on the main winamp.com site yet due to a database error,
and that's why the internal updater doesn't detect it.
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Certain MP3 files play only silence

I have an .mp3 which iTunes 7 will successfully play, but which, when played in Winamp 5.31, results in only silence. The track still seeks properly, but nothing is seen on the spectrum analyzer and no sound is heard using either the waveOut or DirectSound output plugins.

I am not sure, but I believe I successfully played this .mp3 on a previous Winamp version. Also, using Winamp 5.31, I was able to calculate ReplayGain on the track and get a sane result.

Since the .mp3 is 6.91 MB, I cannot attach it. I'll happily comply with any instructions you'd like to give me for getting it to you, however.

Winamp 5.31 - clean install (with NO 3rd-party plugins)
Windows XP SP2
Athlon XP "Barton" 2500+ (1.84 GHz), 512 MB RAM, Shuttle MN31N (from memory, could be wrong)
Radeon 9800 PRO (ati2dvag.dll v6.14.0010.6631)
Onboard NVIDIA nForce audio (nvapu.sys v6.14.0442.0030)
DirectX 9.0c
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DJ Egg
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Please zip up and upload the file to sendspace.com, and post a link here.
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Here you go: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6u3ptp
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DJ Egg
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What software did you use to calculate the replaygain with?
If you put %gain% in your ATF (Winamp > Prefs > Titles) it shows the Gain for that file to be -51.62 dB, which is why you get silence.

If you disable ReplayGain in Prefs > Playback, or if you keep RG enabled and rescan it using Winamp 5.32's RG Analyzer, then the file plays fine.
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Always on Top issue in docked mode.

-Winamp 5.31 No 3rd party plugins, and using the default modern skin in docked to top mode with auto-hide enabled.

This behaviour occurs with, or without "Disable Always on Top while full screen application are focused." enabled.

-System specs: dxdiag.txt attached

-Detailed step-by-step method of reproduction:
Programs used for this recreation: VLC Media Player and a clean install of winamp 5.31
1. Open Winamp, going into window settings and dock it to the top with auto-hide and AOT is enabled
2. Run program such as VLC Media Player and play a movie in full screen.
3. After closing or minimizing VLC media player the Winamp window will be docked below all other windows until you minimize all other windows and disable then re-enable Always on Top
4. Some other full screen programs I tested only cause this behaviour some of the time(WMP 10, World of Warcraft Client) but it's so far got a 100% success rate with VLC, whereas it's somewhat uncommon with the other programs.
Attached Files
File Type: txt dxdiag.txt (47.6 KB, 355 views)

Last edited by Vatigu; 22nd November 2006 at 00:40.
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DJ Egg
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5.31 is no longer supported. Upgrade to 5.32, and if the problem persists, post it in the 5.32 thread instead. Note, we can't reproduce the problem.
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