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Originally Posted by Rellik View Post
Actually, Valve recently released Steam for Macs and is currently porting their Source games to Macs.
I am aware of that. But hf playing with your outdated low-end gfx card.
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(you might have to scroll down a bit)

You can get decent gfx cards on the Macbook pro, but you have to pay a pretty hefty price. My ASUS laptop has twice the nvidia dedicated GDDR3 video RAM with a lower price, and yet it's significantly older (picked it up in January of '09 and it was an aging model even then).

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The apple community is actually wondering if steam is going to be nough of a push for apple to start playing with higher end cards. The jury is still out, macs are not exactly used for gaming and everyone knows it. However, I did thoroughly enjoy COD MW on my mac.
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Macs are definitely lacking in the game department. You could run paralells or VMWare to run windows on your mac.. I do and it works great. With a normal macbook you may not have a powerful enough card to run many windows games.. at least not with all the bells and whistles.

I love the mac though
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