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video editor please....

ok, here's the situation, i've downloaded some videos in different formats and resolutions, and i want to trim them, join them, and maybe do some basic transitions and titles.

here's what i tried so far with partial success:

adobe premiere pro - was ok, it has a major format incompatibility and exporting always results in either a huge filesize for the overall runtime, or too small and crappy
(i tried to recompose flv videos to mpeg, maybe that's my fault there)

cyberlink powerdirector - just a toy, very limited... nothing more

some converters with inline trimming tools - plain shit, not only it's a bitch to trim and reorganize trimmed clips, the output lags, and the audio is out of sync, ugh.... *facepalm*

what i was suggested to use but not sure of their quality or ease of use:

corel video studio, windows movie maker (i've seen how it works, nothing crappier than that ever exists), virtualdub (can somebody explain please how to fuckin use it?), imovie (i don't own a mac tyvm, must be a windows movie maker equivalent)

help please....
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virtualdub (can somebody explain please how
It's not what you wanted.

Your audio sync problems are caused by videos with VBR audio (variable bit rate). If you convert the audio to PCM or LPCM you'll fix it.

You need friendly source files for any video editor you use. Windows movie maker works fine if you feed it consistent (bitrate, resolution and codecs) window media files or properly consistent DVD files. MPEG2 editors work better with consistent MPEG2 files.

Maybe you should re-evaluate the software you have already used with better technique.

Encode all of your source files to MPEG D1 (720X480), progressive (no interlace), quantizer 2 (or 4000kbps), and LPCM audio. Use your target aspect ratio. Garden variety DVD software can do this. Check your audio to make sure it's synced. Then edit.

If you feed the editors you used nice consistent source files instead of a hodge podge, you're gonna find editing a lot nicer.

I use Nero 7, which isn't quite a recommendation.

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good information i will share with my frinds
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Originally Posted by ssj4 gogitta View Post
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