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Modern Warfare 2

Goodness, goodness


The "sequel", or at the very least another COD:MW game, is set to release November 10, 2009...Expect MOAR RUSSIANS and possibly new gameplay missions, such as underwater missions and snowmobile chases, and most of all, more of the same ol' fun that made COD4:MW a fun FPS...

Oh, and Infinity Ward is back at the wheel; No need to kick anyone's ass over "World At War" anymore...

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Game of the Year

This game is really fine Shooting game with its a well army based game with reality i have finish this game twice.
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It's also not haunted by bugs and has no problems with hackers at all. You will never run into a botter ever. And it requires a lot of skill.
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Thoughts on Black Ops, anyone?
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Wow this game is out of reach i think who ever have ps 3 he loves to play modern warfare 2 game.
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