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Checking IP's in Stream Login

Good Afternoon, Wanted to get a bit of clarity on something.

When i go to my IP address for a stream and click stream login where I can see the ip address of my listeners and hopefully see the dollar signs that indicate that they are ready to display an ad... I had a question about this area.

I have a listener there that has been there for days.. When i put my mouse next to their Dollar sign it says "Waiting for first advert to play" then lists their advert group.

I have another stream that says the same thing but when an ad plays the Dollar sign all of a sudden gets a circle around it with a line t hru it.

My questions are this (if anyone knows) Does the first situation mean that they are not being triggered for ads because its saying waiting for FIRST advert?

And when a dollar sign is there but gets crossed out DURING an advert.. does anyone know what that means? The rest of the ip addresses have nothing listed there at all.. no dollar sign with or without a line thru it. I was under the assumption that if there is no dollar sign it simply means that no ads are there for that area.. Which then makes me wonder why would there ever be a dollar sign with a line thru it?

Anyone know the answer ?
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