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sc_serv.conf Missing info

So, I'm trying to get my shoutcast up, and I'm currently experiencing some issues.

My stream is set up to the IP, the ports are open in my router and the firewall of my computer, however people are unable to connect. I keep getting error 480.

What I think I need to do is change my server set up to my personal IP address instead of the generic one, however, whenever I open my server configuration file, this is all I get.


Obviously I've removed my passwords for safety reasons, however I cannot find any way to change the IP address on my stream. Did I not set up the stream properly or is there something missing?

What I should note is I'm using Radio DJ and streaming to shoutcast via Altcast. It connects and I can listen to my own stream just fine, but nobody else is able to connect to it.
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the log is probably telling you that the way you're "setting your ip" is invalid -- please resist using srcip and destip -- they are never necessary - without them, the server will bind to your lan ip and localhost (

your port forwarding config is probably suspect.
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Obviously I've removed my passwords for safety reasons, however
you've kept your streamauthhash visible ... I believe that will now need to be changed

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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Thanks for the nice thread.
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Thnx for learn
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i use this
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