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FLAC files won't play, time zero on Win 7

I realize I am new here but have been a loyal Winamp user for ... god 14 years now. And now where I am living my friend actually keeps a llama in the back yard. So naturally I wanted to see Winamp whip the llamas ass, so I just installed the latest version and am having my first major issue.

My system is Win 7 x64 SP1 Ultimate with all the latest updates. When I try to play flac files, they are not associated with winamp, and they read as zero time and unplayable. When I try to "add media to library" with a folder that is a mix of mp3s and flac, it only pulls in mp3s. They are flac, they play fine in MPC-HC, but that isn't useful to me for making mix CDs which I am trying to do.

I tried reinstalling Winamp, and I tried rebooting. Flac is supported natively, so I am out of ideas.

I tried to search but didn't find this, but I am new here so if I missed it sorry. Never had a problem with Winamp before.

EDIT: if this helps, under preferences -> file types, FLAC is not on the list of file types I can associate with. it is a very short list actually.

Winamp didn't change did it? I just used it to play flac one month ago. This is a fresh install today.

EDIT 2: The only other thing I can think is I have been using windows media center. Was trying to setup a TV tuner card that I got working but have since stopped using. I also am using WMC to stream videos to a Smart TV, so sharing is on. Don't see how this affects flac playback.

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it sounds like you didn't install the flac decoder but until you post your info tool results no one can help you properly. search the forums for it.

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Ok I just installed a FLAC plugin and now it all works.

Why did this happen? I thought FLAC was built in to Winamp?

I am pretty sure when I was running WinXP SP3 this summer I didn't need any plugin. But that system was up for a while and may have had a codec pack.
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Winamp supports flac with its own Flac decoder plugin (in_flac.dll), if you have unchecked it during installation, you cannot play flac files.

All built in decoders are realized via Nullsoft Plugins.

I fear that you have installed a 3rd party flac plugin now. Re-Run the official Winamp installer again and make sure, that Flac support is checked.
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