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Tempo/Pitch control ??

Would that be difficult to integrate into Winamp ?

I have lots of mp3's of all genres.. but the dance stuff is a pain.. lots are my own, but many are rips and most are recorded faster :/ i presume for smaller files or just quicker for the original recorder to do.. idiots xD

The ability to adjust pitch would be epic.. and after a track has finished then return to 'zero' automatically..
A small slider somewhere would be awesome... if integrating it into the software is out of the question.. can someone make a plug in to do this ? Please

I understand its a player, and i dont need this option for mixing, i use other software or hardware for that.. but recently ive been on a mission to sort out my collection, as in tag them all properly, delete what i dont like etc.. and i use winamp to listen to all my files.. its doing this that made me realise hundreds of tracks i like are too fast or slow for general playlist listening.. and i often just listen to my stuff..

My only option would be to use audio-editing software on hundreds of tracks, edit, save, re-tag, find art... again... no thanks..

Winamp has been my choice of player since i 1st used pc's back in the early/mid nineties.. and it always will be (so please guys, make your new project work
I tried a few others, but winamp stands out and is the best by miles.. for me..
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