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I'm pretty sure I was messed up for a good day. Mostly from my stomach. Now some of the girls at work say I seem more confident. Maybe I should party every now and then. It was fun until I threw up.

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Yea, moderation is key.

I'm all for getting shit faced every now and then, but I am never for getting to the point that I am vomiting the next morning.

For the stomach issues, seriously, take some alka-seltzer or some tumms to get you right again.
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Originally posted by deeder7001
The blue drink was indeed Vodka. I guess I drank more than I thought. Around 3 or 4 shots worth I think. Not sure as it was in a cup.

How long does a hangover usually last? I heard a day but I'm thinking the alcohol remains for a while after that.
4 shots? Jesus christ you've lived a sheltered life.

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Perhaps walking in the rain gave you a crazy fever?

Or dare I say it.........you has the flu!!!

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in need of banned aid
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finally drank a bit too much the other day

I was with Renee's extended family for over a week, with no place to go outside of their company. They're good people, but I just can't last constant exposure over maybe 5 days with anyone other than Renee or myself.

They all have a lower tolerance for such gatherings than I do, so by the 6th through he 9th day, there was a lot of drinking going on to keep the peace.

One such day I started at lunch with what I call "boxo", which is cheap wine that is sold in a bladder box. When these gatherings happen, people know that most of their purchases will be consumed by others, so the purchase is usually of very high volume and very low quality and price. We just keep eating salty snacks to keep the thirst strong.

After a lot of boxo before, during, and after lunch, it was cocktails before dinner, which consisted of an uncle that makes cheap cosmopolitans and a brother-in-law that made mojitos out of premix and cheap booze. Not at all my drinks of choice, but free so...

During the cosmos, I noticed that someone had hid a bottle of Jim Beam and Bacardi, which was at best middle shelf, but at least better than the drinks of earlier hours. I had to hide my stealing of the beam and bacardi by putting it into soda/pop/soft drinks.

Finally, out to dinner. A decent 4-year-old bottle of Bordeaux to accompany it, but after all the previous shit, my palate was ruined anyway.

After dinner, there was more endless boxo until it was time to go to bed.

The next morning was painful, but luckily no vomiting. I'm not too proud of it, but it kept the family happy, and I regret to say that I was one of the luckier ones when it comes to the after-effects.

Don't forget to live before you die.
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