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I read Ax!s' post on how to fix this error in Win 2k... I attempted to utilize the Windows update feature in XP-however, since M$ auto dectects everything in the user's computer, I found myself SOL. I attempted to manually swap the Win 2k drivers I had on hand for the stock XP drivers however, XP has been made to be so dummy proof that this was also not an option(unless I missed something)... XP auto reverts to the last known good configuration upon reboot. I am really anxious to get Mr. Geiss' newest creation running on this OS. Any help, driver links, etc. would be most appreciated.

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More NFO

Accidentally posted hardware info as a new thread; my bad. I had just installed XP a day ago and had missed the option to fully manually update drivers. Having found that, I have at this point installed the following drivers without any luck:

Win. XP build 2462 drivers
Crunchie's Omegadrive drivers
The most recent update for the V5 from 3dfx's site
and, finally, the Win. XP Micro$oft stock XP RC 2 drivers.
Some of the Win XP drivers that I have used may be found here: http://go.to/3dfxp
The only graphical issues I am experiencing with XP at this point revolve around Milkdrop, Anarchy Online, and Unreal Tournament. I should note that the specific issue I am having with U.T. is that it won't run in fullscreen period. The solution to my problem with U.T. will most likely resolve the issue with Milkdrop as well as, I feel that they are most likely one in the same.
The original "geiss" Winamp plug-in works flawlessly as does everything else I have tried at this point no matter which combination of drivers I use.

Any insight is appreciated.

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