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Do all Shoutcast stations that support 'stats', support 'statistics' as well?

I am an app developer and trying to create a Shoutcast plugin. It suppose to pull data from the Shoutcast server for each radio station. However I am a little confused, since there are two type of files, one stats and one statistics that provide information about the server. Since I want to make the plugin compatible with any Shoutcast station, I would like to make sure if configuring it with stats is enough. I mean is there such a station that supports only statistics page and not stats, or they always come together?

Another question is that apparently, 7.html provide same functionality for Shoutcast version 1, my second question is what is the portion of users on Shoutcast version 1? Basically I am trying to find out if it worth it to support version 1 as well.

I hope my question are not so complicated, as they are a little technical and probably people who run Shoutcast can know the answers better.

Thanks in advance.
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all v2 dnas servers support both /stats?sid=N and /statistics --- the difference is that stats returns xml for one steam (by default sid=1); where statistics returns xml for all comfigured streams (like /index.html?sid=0)

v1 dnas servers only support /index.html and 7.html on the public side for server info.
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