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A feature request, and an observation

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all well. So first, I have a few small feature requests for the Shoutcast Streaming Service. First, in the RMO, it is not currently possible to add multiple streams for one station. That means, since I have a 128 kbps stream, and a 32 kbps stream, I actually had to create two separate stations. Wouldn't it make more sense to be albe to have just one station, and multiple streams? For example for different bit rates/formats? If this is ever done, a way to merge two existing stations would be nice.
Second request:
In the RMO, it is possible to define a fall back file, of up to two hours. However, it would be nice to be able to also add an intro file, as well as a fall back stream. In my case, I have my shoutcast streams, as well as a station on Radionomy. The shoutcast streams are for mixed content. Talk/sermons/music, whereas the radionomy station is only music and would make a great fall back. Since Shoutcast is now owned by Radionomy, it would be awesome to see this option made available, and even more integration of the two services.
Finally, an observation in regards to the ad servers. I will go for days, and ads will work perfectly, but after a computer restart or disconnect for any other reason, upon reconnecting, the streaming works fine, but ads stop triggering. Sometimes, I can just disconnect the encoder and connect again, and that does the trick. However, there have been times where ads didn't fire for days, even though I have still been playing the same files with the Advert: meta tags. So first off, I just want to see if anyone knows why this is happening. Also, I want to be sure I won't be getting in to trouble later on down the line, as I was doing everything I was instructed to do in the welcome email and info given in the RMO. I know it's not my fault, as I am still sending out the right meta data for ads to trigger. They just don't. But I know that if after 30 days of no ads, a station can be removed. I would certainly hope that 30 days wouldn't pass with this same issue, but I just want to be sure I won't be getting in any kind of trouble. If I am inserting the required files with the required meta data, and for whatever reason the ad servers don't trigger, do they still count that?
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