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Pushy, demanding stream-ripping people.

I thought some of you might get a kick out of this one. In the past there was a discussion regarding people ripping your stream then wanting to know the song they just ripped! So I'm not the only one. But now, I have a ripper telling me how to do it so he can more easily rip-off the music. Here is the short version of how much gall some jokers have...

JAN 25, I received,
"Recorded a song from Shoutcast..." then rambled awhile and finally asked me to research the title for him since he "missed it". "Tom Sekula Palmetto, Florida"

I did not respond.

FEB 8, I received,
"Any chance on getting an answer on this? Would appreciate it."

So I responded with,
"I have spent close to 2000 hours converting my LP
collection into digital form and I'm not even 25% thru
the collection. That's alot of work for a hobby, not
counting the years of collecting and the expense of
the original recordings. Since there are few stations
like that still around, I thought it would be nice to
share the music via Shoutcast for listening, just for

FEB 9, I received,
"Would appreciate it if you didn't run the songs on top of one another. Give them a two second silent break between them. Thanks. Too bad you can't trace selection names.
Joe Pinesfore"

So I responded with,
"With all due respect, I would appreciate it if you
would buy the records themselves rather than steal the


In the past, several people have written that they are recording the stream (for various reasons) and they need information for a song they have recorded. But I have never had anyone tell me to stop using crossfade so he can better steal my music. That takes gall.

From this point, I will probably not respond again to any of them.

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Did those idiots actually tell you their real names?

You should reply asking for their IP... then ban them
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the stream sounds very good for being digitized records not an indication that is a record and not a cd.
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