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ATi Rage 128 (16 Mb) and flicker

For those of you who remember me, it's been WAY too long. Moving kind of kills the focus on important things.

Anyway, I recently bought an ATi Rage 128 video card at 16 Mb, PCI type. I love the bloody thing for my fullscreen games, but in Windows it make my icons flicker and causes all sorts of annoying havoc in word processors. I've tried playing with my refresh rate (it gives me 3 choices: optimal, 60 Hz, and Adapter Default), which comes to no effect. I think the ATi driver software removed the "Show All Modes" option from my display options screen. Also, I've played with about a million different drivers. Does anyone know how to fix this? Suggestions? Please don't tell me to get another video card, because I bought this one for cheap (to match my wallet). Money IS THE factor.

Other system specs:
96.0 Mb EDO RAM
233 Mhz P-MMX

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Try win98 or XP .
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Reminds me of my ATi Rage Pro 8MB AGP videocard back in 1998, both in Win95 and 98SE .

Especially the mouse cursor would flicker most of the time. ATi's drivers were notoriously bad back that time, and I've read and heard from friends that the Rage 128 drivers weren't much better.

As for the list of refresh rates, that kind of confuses me that you can only choose 60hz (ouch), adapter default (which is the same, 60hz, ouch again ) and optimal. Optimial highly depends on the monitor's INF file and capabilities, but it usually comes to 75hz or more depending on the resolution.

So be sure you installed the correct INF file for your monitor; if you just have a PnP monitor driver installed, you cannot select more than 60hz most of the time.

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