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President seeks congressional approval

September 9th, the Congress will start the procedure to see if we'll let President Barack Obama take his dick out of the drawer and bomb Syria. Ordinarily Michelle doesn't let Obama take his dick with him when he goes out in public. It requires Congressional approval.

Yes indeed. Obama is having trouble finding "consensus" All of Europe has condemned the use of chemical weapons, but their dick's are firmly under lock and key.

Obama wouldn't go to war without some consensus. Any consensus? Please? European allies? House Republicans? Maybe Obama could get Kim Jong Un to agree with him. That would be something.

By the time this gets through Congress and the UN, the operation will be called Swiss Miss, where we pat Syria's dictatorship on the head and give it a cocoa.


So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?” - Sarah Palin
The smartest thing said this week?

This whole thing is the Obama doctrine in operation. If it works Obama will take credit. If it doesn't work, or goes badly, he wants somebody to blame it on. Nobody seems to be signing up to take the blame. They know Obama. They know that if anything goes wonky, Obama's gonna blame it all on them and call them racists for good measure.

If he doesn't bomb Syria everybody,including Al Queda, is going to rightly call him a pussy. If he does bomb Syria, he'll give Al Queda a photo op to show a bunch of dead bodies that may or may not have been killed by America. The liberals will scream if one kid falls off his bike. Michelle will never let him take his pecker out of the drawer again.
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