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vanessa and mai from KOF- everyone says mai though, so i'll say mary. wait. nevermind. just vanessa then. and leona i guess. but only orochi leona. also pan from budokai 3 (hopefully) and yuna from ffx (she reminds me of a girlfriend i once had... well.. more of a incredible likeness)

hmm who else... cant think of any others atm, but i dislike most generic high kicking bubble headed bruiser chicks though.
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Originally posted by Twilightseer

You like everything with a cannon. So a girl with one...

Yup, that's Sarge's dream girl alright
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Oh yes, there's nothing more sexy than a gorgeous woman with heavy weaponry.
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You mean those butch ladyboys? Well whatever turns you on!
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Jaheira from Baldur's Gate / No One Lives Forever

I gotta go with Jaheira from Baldur's Gate or that gal from No One Lives Forever. They have attitude!
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