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Permission to use presets

Hey all!

First I wanna give you all my stamp of approval for a VERY GOOD JOB. I really like all this cool psychedelic stuff you're doing.

Second, I am an amateur electronic musician in the process of actually putting some time and effort into my hobby that is music. And therefor I had to make a thread here to nicely ask for permission to use your Milkdrop presets in my music/videos that I am working on.

So basically, when I make a musicvideo and post it online, I will of course give credit to the Milkdrop preset creator/s in the video.

Anyone who is NOT ok with this, please let me know here or msg me and I will respect your wish.

Carry on the good work!

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Sabine Klare
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Hello aMaijzing,

I want to leave 2 links for You:

Giving credit to the preset authors in Your videos, this is a very good idea. They all have done a very good work.

PS, also I myself have some uploads with Milkdrop 2 of Winamp in YouTube...

Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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Hey man, I have some presets you can use. All of them are either mine or remixes, so you shouldn't have to worry about other Preset Makers getting on your ass about that stuff.

Here ya go!

(I do apologize for the flash glitch that some of them get. I don't know why they do that. On some computers they do it, but on other computers they don't.)
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I don't give anything to the new owner of Winamp for free as of now. private and and creative use is no problem with me.
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I did not understand what you're saying but now I read the news :-(
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Originally Posted by Nitorami View Post
I did not understand what you're saying but now I read the news :-(
We are all (obviously as users of Winamp for music and Presets) saddened by this news, but I am sure somewhere along the line that something bigger and better will come along. But until then...
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To the Milkdrop preset authors: Martin, Geiss, Rovastar, Loadus,Goody, Martin, phat, Flexi, Eo.S., Unchained, Rozzor, Esotic, ORB, fiShbRaiN, Stahlregen, suksma, Cope, Amandio, Idiot, Adam, raron, Aderrasi and everybody else.
I know I listed Martin twice, but his stuff often seems to fit what I am doing. To be honest, I could have listed many of you many times.

I have been watching Winamp presets for a very ling time, I think since the 90s? The beauty you have added to so many peoples worlds is something to be proud of.

I have a musical project named 50 Ton Gun and I’m making videos for some of the songs I’ve written and recorded. I am putting these videos up on YouTube and I hope to perform live with synchronized videos and some friends of mine who have agreed to form a band with me.

I know you guys have said that using your presets are OK and I really appreciate it but I had to write and thank you and offer to not use your fine presets if you so choose. I try to always give kudos to the preset authors that I’ve used for each song

Thanks so much, again,
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