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How do I change audio files into MP3's?

You can use an output plug-in with Winamp, or you can use third party software to encode the file. This is how you convert any* audio files using Winamp (WAV, AIF, MIDI, MOD, etc) :

1. If you haven't already, download and install one of the MP3 output plug-ins for Winamp, such as Nullsoft's MP3 Output Plug-in. Be sure to read the documentation that comes with it.

2. Go into Winamp's Preferences

3. Select the MP3 output plug-in in preferences

4. Choose a directory to save the MP3's in. Note this down; you'll need it later.

5. Turn off shuffle and repeat. Also, Winamp's equalizer and any DSP plug-in you have running will affect the MP3 you're about to make, so it's recommended that you turn these off before converting as well.

6. Play the songs in your playlist.

7. Now find that directory which you selected in step 3. Your MP3 is saved here.

You must now reset the Output Plug-in to allow for normal play. Go into options. Click Output under 'Plug-ins'. Highlight Nullsoft waveOut plug-in. Close the preferences window. Now your songs will play normally. Repeat these steps when you want to convert more songs.

* Exceptions:

  • To rip AudioCD trax to MP3, you will need the CDReader input plugin.

  • To convert WMA to MP3, you'll need the WMA input plugin from Winamp 2.60

  • For tips on MIDI conversions, RTFM

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    CD to MP3

  • CDex
  • Audiocatalyst
  • Nero 5
  • Zlurp

    Rippers (to WAV/MP3)

  • CDex
  • EAC
  • Audiograbber
  • Audiocatalyst
  • Nero 5
  • WinDAC
  • CD Copy
  • EC's MPEG Suite

    The information in this post was derived mainly from gandalf's comprehensive thread which can be found here. If this thread hasn't answered your question, try the link and be surprised...

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