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Winamp JTFE text formatting...

Hello, my first post here, even though I come here now and then, for an OFFLINE advice. This time I was unable to find an answer through search function. It surely is just a minor cosmetic thing, but it is still in my head as I am completist freak, who'll not rest before knowing/understanding every single option "tickbox", "radiobutton" or bracket like this one...


...I love to customize every program I have and use, so Winamp is a delight. Still, my free time must hate me :]

The bracket on the picture is one character long (you can put just one character), and apparently is not changing anything (I tried numbers, letters and some special symbols), at least not on my custom setup of text formatting for JTF window. I would like to know, what is this doing.
Thank you

EDIT: Damn, why it does hide web addresses with ***** ?
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it's used when the same file has been queued multiple times so you end up with something like [1^] in the playlist editor if ^ is put in that field.

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Ah, nice quick reply, thank you very much! So it is used with %M - indicator for multiple queuing of the same file. You probably even didn't need to see the picture (it is censored or something). Well, what to expect from the very creator of this great and customizable permanent Winamp plugin, once more thank you.
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