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Missing Track Information for Windows Explorer, iTunes, and Windows Media Player

I'm sure this question has been answered, but I was unable to find it in the forums.

1. Missing data in mp3 file
When I rip an audio CD using winamp I am able to successfully obtain a great deal of information that is nicely placed in the file name of the mp3 that is created. However, when I examine the actual file under windows explorer and worse when it is searched by other media reading programs there appears to be other file data that is not present. In other words all I see is the elaborate file name, but the associated album, track number, track title, artist, genre etc don't show up in Windows Explorer and consequently not in any of my MP3 playing programs. As a result of this I have felt compelled to use Windows Media Player to rip CD's and store files. Is there a solution.

2. Correcting missing data
Now that the data is missing I have huge volumes of MP3s created using winamp that do not have the data needed for Windows Media Player and other programs. How do I quickly edit the files to include all this information without having to re-rip all the CD's using windows media player or a configuration of winamp that retains this information.

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Do the tags show up correctly in Winamp?
ie. when you right click the playlist entry and select "View File Info (Alt+3)", do you see the correct metadata in the Artist, Album, Track#, Title fields?

If not, then at a guess, you've probably installed some shabby 3rd-party replacement mp3 input plugin, like in_mp3pro , or maybe in_mad, etc. The problem won't occur if you stick with the default Nullsoft in_mp3.dll

Other than that, based on the lack of info provided (you didn't even tell us what version of Winamp you're using), I really aren't sure...
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Before Ripping you should make sure that

Automatically add tags with metadata to ripped files

is checked under Preferences > Media Library > CD Ripping > "Output File Settings" tab under Tagging Settings" group box

So the actual metadata are added to the tag.
This should be enabled by default (i think)

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