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Winamp3 to Microphone input?

Other than physically connecting the speaker to the microphone jacks together, is there any way to make my winamp send out to microphone?

I'd like to play Winamp3 via MSN Messager. Since XP sees Winamp as a line-out, I'd like a component that makes it also a line-in. This way I don't have to bother with shoutcast and other crap when I just want my music to get to my friend's speakers.

ps: i took the same words of the link http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....hreadid=104264 , i have same problem and i searched the forum and found only this thread
any ideas?
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Since the Microphone is an input device, there is no way to output to it. What you are describing is a function of a soundcard driver and not the player. Check your Recording Control (Start > run > sndvol32 /r) for a "Stereo Mix," "Wave Out" or "What You Hear" option.

As well, Winamp3 is dead, and has been dead for a few years now, nor has it been supported for that time either. Let it go, man.

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i have wimamp 5, i just cited a post, i have the same problem on winamp 5, and i already tried some things, i can send a very low and noise sound to msn from winamp, but as i said it is low and noise...
there is no plugin to make the winamp act like a microphone or anything like it?
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no its physically impossible from a plug-in point of view.

you need drivers that you can change from microphone to stereo mix. in the windows recording volume control. then it will work.

Nearly ALL recent soundcard drivers support this function. (a few dell laptops have problems with this, but you install toshiba drivers instead and it then works)
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First of all XP does NOT "see" Winamp as line-out

second if you read carefully what the previous posters said you should have solved it by now...

as Swag said
Check your Recording Control (Start > run > sndvol32 /r) for a "Stereo Mix,"

If there is no such option from the menu go to (Options > Properties)

Check Stereo Mix or Mono Mix and return to image one...

Do NOT select Microphone once you are done.. Leave those settings as is and go to MSN and start a voice call.

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I am enabled to do this by hardware. I have 2 x M-Audio Audiophile 24/92, which both are connected to the same physical stereo-mixer, and then sent back to my computer by on of the Audiophile cards, which then work as a pure line-in. To the mixer I've connected a microphone, and upon playback I can both talk or send my output back to the other card, which I can choose as input via Live Messenger. Don't need winamp to do anything for you at all, but to send the audio-signal out the right way with this setup.

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