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Needed: megabytes sum display at bottom of playlist


In reply to http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=160465 , which is closed (no replies):

In short: so far, all I could find is: "gen-yar.dll" plugin = "Playlist Copier v1.11 (13/05/2010)":

http://www.todae.fr/winamp/Playlist_Copier_v1_11.exe ( http://www.todae.fr/copieur-de-liste/ )

Type Alt+C to display the SUM of MEGABYTES, of files dropped to the playlist (then the stack may be copied to some location — or not).

[ Winamp 5.58, here / Windows 10 64-bit pro and Win. XP pro 32-bit + SP2. Plus "Winamp for Android". ]


http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=160465 : OLD post, I KNOW; nevertheless, since friends + I are STILL using Winamp about everyday (along with other players incl. "AIMP" * etc.)

— AND! since I'm planning to use it until the 22nd century AT LEAST (if not the 4th millennium):

I also need as SIMPLE & DIRECT as possible a megabytes sum display of the files dropped to the playlist — and couldn't find anything, I mean: PRACTICAL enough. I.e. without having to (re)activate the "Media library".

BTW, the bottom of playlist total duration display is useful also (in certain cases), but way too tiny!.. Too bad Winamp devs. never added the total of megabytes.

* "AIMP" does show total duration AND megabytes sum (+ # of files), at bottom of its playlist;

but the "friends + I" mentioned above, being "heavy duty" audio & video files users, do NEED the fastest & HANDIEST tools. In a word: the best players = BOTH "AIMP" + more... AND! Winamp;

that is: BESIDES listening options, variety of plugins, etc.: in terms of files manipulation(s) of course.

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