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How many Stations can SHOUTcast handle?

Hello, All;

Have a few questions, that hopefully some of you can assist in some answers.

#1: How many DJs can run on a single Shoutcast Server?
#2: How many listeners can be on a single Shoutcast Server?
#3: Can you have DJs running on separate servers from the listeners?

Information I found

For #2:
* 14kB of memory for every listener you want to broadcast to (i.e. 1,000
listeners mean you need 14 Megabytes of RAM), plus whatever your
operating system needs for overhead, plus 1.5MB for the server's
base requirements.

------- So, for Memory, that would be great.
A dedicated server with 256GB of ram (Of which I will have by summer.)
Would be able to run, at the least. 20 VMs (Virtual Servers) with "ram" to spare
And each of them would be able to run a Shoutcast instance.
This, of course, will depend on the CPU, and virtual cores I can get out of it. (Hyper-Threading is a must)
I will have to check in on the CPU and Windows 2016 Server, as that is what I will be using for the project.
I read that Windows is not the best of concurrent users, however, 2016 Server is supposed to be better at this.
Will have to do my research on that one.

Linux is the last choice option if I cannot do what I would LIKE to do, with Windows.
As long as I can build the site with ASP Classic or ASP.NET (VB). (Running on a separate server)
And add songs through a web interface, with auto-refresh, so I do not have to restart the stream.
I do not care what server I use.

Any advice, ideas, to add to what I have above, would be great.
Thanks all.
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