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The way I use Winamp

The ideal way for Winamp to behave, for me, would be as follows:

Merge the playlist editor and the media library. You can then set Winamp to play from a certain Smart View or playlist, or several of these (especially useful with Shuffle on), allowing you to do other stuff elsewhere in the ML without play stopping. When you double click something, it plays and nothing else happens (like in the Playlist Editor).

The thing is, right now when I'm doing stuff in the Media Player and think "ah, I'll listen to that", if I double-click it, one of two things happens depending on my chosen option in the Preferences:
  • It gets added to the PE and doesn't play.
  • It plays and the contents of the PE get replaced with the contents of the Smart View that the song was in.

Instead, I have to bring up a JTFE box (which is wonderful) and search for the song in question. Then I can play the song without disturbing anything else.

For me, the Playlist Editor seems rather useless. I just use it because there is obviously no other way to continually keep playing music. The Media Library can do everything the PE does anyway (except behave like a playlist editor ).

Now, I'm not complaining about Winamp. I love it, have been using it for 7 years and think it's amazing, well-featured and well thought-out in many ways. I understand it is impossible to please everyone. I'm just curious to see if anyone else's perfect way for Winamp to work would be like this, or if anyone has thought about a merger between the PE and ML before.
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