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Pointer towards one specific time in a track

Hi everyone, the question is if it's possible to have pointers that you can label so you jump to a specific time in a .mp3 file with Winamp 5.65
For example, in a 5 minutes song, I want to open the file and start listening since the minute 3, and then jump to listen from the minute 1...
Like if they are bookmarks in a PDF file.
Thanks in advance
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I've not seen anything for music files that will let you play segments of it in a rearranged order.

You could use a music editor like Audacity to create a new track that contained the sections that you would like to play, I suppose. Not as scalable, but Audacity is free, and I believe is the most popular free music editor. If I remember correctly, you had to do something at the end to save it like "Export to MP3" because the Save created in Audacity-format.
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sounds very much like cue sheet support which is being asked for (though somewhat bastardised if wanting it to go later into the file first and then back).
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Thanks guys. I've done some research and this solution based on your answers and, although perhaps not the best way to do it, still satisfies my needs at the moment.
So first I use Audacity to add labels to different parts of the .mp3 file I'm interested in.
And second, I export the labels and then use this website to convert the Audacity labels to .cue format
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