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JTFE - Several Misc. Issues

So I've been having problems with JTFE after upgrading to one of the more recent Winamp builds. I'm currently on 5.552 and JTFE 1.0.5 (779). I've poured through the preferences several times and haven't discovered any settings that seem like they may fix my issues. Still, it's quite possible I've buggered some setting, or it could be a bug... I dunno.

1) I can no longer alt+click in the playlist to queue a song. All it does is highlight as if it were a normal click.

2) I can no longer close the Jump To File window with a hotkey. Hitting alt+c brings up my skin options. And yes, I have checked that the window still has focus.

3) Sometimes Winamp simply ignores the queue. It simply plays in the manner it was previously (whether shuffle or not) while disregarding the queue. The queue itself persists, though.

4) Winamp will sometimes play the first song in a queue repeatedly, or play nothing at all after a given song. This is without altering the On End of Queue options.

Issues 3 and especially 4 are not quite as common, but they've all gotten to be rather vexing.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
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1) not been able to reproduce this unless i uncheck the 'Enable Playlist Editor features and related menus' option (prefs -> jump to file -> queue options tab) unless you're using some weird skin or have some other plugins installed which may be eating the keyboard messages.

2) this has been fixed in my internal builds and all relates to changes in winamp itself in 5.53 due to how standard OS accelerators are handled (now requiring explicit handling instead of just working as was the case beforehand).

3) that issue was fixed with 1.0.5 and no one running that build has so far reported the issue reoccuring (other than a quirk when manual advance is enabled).

4) pretty much sounds like the bug reports relating the fix mentioned with #3.

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Beautific! That checkbox was my problem with alt-queueing. Looking forward to the fix on the new build for keystrokes. And good news on the bugfix - I haven't observed the issue on the new build, but I JUST upgraded earlier today, and my overall usage of JTFE has been down lately due to said problems - but I'm sure it was indeed resolved.

Thanks a ton, mate =D
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