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Question Podcast files not recognized as podcasts by Smart Views

I subscribed to several podcast and downloaded a large number of files (200+) that firstly have pretty poor taggings describing them (some of them not having the tag at all), and secondly, since my iPod (nano 3rd gen) only sorts them by the title tag, they were not in chronological order.

I got tired of this so I used Tag&Rename to change the title (reading the date from the beginning of the file name) to be [podcast_date - title]. I now have 2 issues.

1. winamp (5.621) smart views don't recognize them as podcasts anymore (Query: ispodcast = 1), even after checking the 'is Podcast' check-box in Tag&Rename and updating all the files and rescanning the library. The funny thing is that after removing all the podcasts from my iPod, sync-podcasts recognizes them and downloads them to my iPoding. So ml_ipod recognizes them as podcasts, just not 'smart view'.

How do I get winamp to recognize these files as podcasts again?

2. now that they are on my iPod with their date at the beginning of the title, it sorts them in reverse order, last-to-first, and plays them in that order too

Is there some way to sort the my iPod's view into the correct chronological order?
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Winamp does not handle Podcasts very well. IIRC ml_iPod tags podcasts in the podcast directory with Genere = Podcast. I simply use a smartview checking for this.
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Hi Bilbo,

Many thanks for your reply. Sorry for not getting back sooner, I've been away on business.

After making a couple of podcast downloads yesterday I discovered that Winamp sets the Genre to Podcast automatically when downloading, BUT also only these new files are recognized by Winamp in a Smart List with IsPodcast = 1. Apparently Winamp flags newly downloaded Podcast files in its internal DB when downloading and thus is not dependent on the Genre tag for listing those files in the generic Smart List.

I'll just added " AND Genre IS 'Podcast'" to the smart view and will consider that it works as designed.

Thanks again

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