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Where to begin?

New guy alert! I'm one of those people that thinks: why can't I do that?

So I have a client who needs his site redone and is unhappy with the streaming service that he's getting through his service provider. This prompted me to wonder, what would it take to be his radio streaming service provider. When I search online how to do this, I run into companies that want to provide this service instead of finding the step to provide it myself.

Thank you in advance for your reply.
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I am about to terribly oversimplify this, but it is really no surprise that you are finding providers rather than DIY solutions.

The DIY solution is to download a copy of SHOUTcast, install it on a server, configure it according to the directions supplied, feed it a stream, and away you go. I'm sure you can find a copy of the server software here somewhere. Or just Google SHOUTcast download.

But here's why it's no surprise you're only finding providers rather than DIY information: it takes copious bandwidth to be able to provide a streaming media server. Not only that, but you'll need access not just to copious bandwidth, but bandwidth that is "positioned" for – lack of a better term – on the Internet at a place capable of providing the kind of reliability that is expected by the listening audience. It is therefore better suitable to substantial data centers than it is to random servers in the backwater eddies of consumer ISP-land. If you have access to an appropriate data center, then you may well be in a good position to provide such a service.

Are you the one who will be attending to your clients website makeover? If not, I might be able to help you in that area.
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