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Nate J Lynn
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With my last version of Winamp, I could enqueue 30 files, and it would add them all to one new playlist, and start playing them. With the newest version of Winamp, I try to enqueue 30 files, and it opens ALL of them up in separate Winamp windows. And yes, I made sure to uncheck "Allow multiple instances". If I check "Enqueue as default action" it works ok, but I don't WANT that to be my default. Unfortunately, this is the only way it will work. Any ideas? Could it make a difference that I am running Windows 2000? Thanks for your ideas! Nate
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Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Options > UNcheck "Allow Multiple Instances"
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Nate J Lynn
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I already TRIED that

I am an experienced user of WinAmp, and I know how to use the features. I have already played around with "Allow Multiple Instances" and turning it off does not solve my problem. I know it SHOULD, but it doesn't. Just like I know that I shouldn't have to check "Enqueue as default action" for it to do what I want. If I double-click on one song, I want it to open that one song, not add it to a playlist. But if I right-click several files and select "Enqueue" then I want them to be added to the playlist, not opened up separately. But I cannot do this. If you any other ideas, please let me know. Nate
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DJ Egg
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Well, I can't reproduce this supposed bug
It works ok for me! If I uncheck "Allow multiple instances" and rt click -> Enqueue files, they all get added to the current playlist in the one instance of Winamp.

Have you installed any potentially dodgy 3rd party plugins that may possibly be interfering with Winamp's normal operation procedures? (especially of the Gen Purpose variety)

An alternative method is to use the "Add -> Add File" button in the playlist editor instead of adding the files via Explorer windows.
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I have exactly the same problem as you - both on my home and work PC. Home PC is running Win ME, work is NT4 and they both open up multiple instances regardless of checking/unchecking 'allow multiple instances'. In the end I downloaded the previous version (2.73) which has instantly cured it. There's not much in the new version that I really benefit from so I'll hold out for the next one in the hope that it is cured!

I noted that DJ Egg responded with a possible plugin reason.
The only plugins I have that are similar on both machines are the following:

SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading v1.65

General Purpose:
Winamp Napster Plugin v1.0

I have more plugins at home, but hardly any at work as I only use Winamp there for testing purposes so unless you have either of those plugins installed too, then it's unlikely to be anything to do with those.

If you've found a solution, then please respond!

Much appreciated!


P.S I've also noticed that upon exiting winamp, it takes while to ACTUALLY exit? This has been like this for the past couple of releases?? Similar?
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I've just got it to work! Just re-installed 2.74 over 2.73 on my work PC (NT 4) and it's doing what it should be! I'm mystified???

2.73 worked fine, upgraded to 2.74 on day of release and it did not work properly, it opened up multiple instances. Installed 2.73 - that worked fine, just installed 2.74 over 2.73 again, and that now works fine???? Hope your all following this??

Allow multiple instances is not checked (and has never been). Enque as default is not checked either.

...Hold on...arse! Nope, it now seems to be doing it every now and again - sorry for the false hope! All I'm doing is highlighting 2 mp3's, rightclicking and clicking on play in winamp, vola, 2 instances!

Sorry for the crappy post!! It still doesn't work!
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DJ Egg
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It's ok, I catch your drift . . . but I still can't reproduce it under Win9x.
Looks like this could be a WinNT/2k related bug . . . again.

The only way to find out if one of your 3rd party plugins is to blame is to temporarily disable them all.
1. Prefs -> Output : select "WaveOut" -OR- "DirectSound"
2. Prefs -> DSP/FX : select "None"
3. Prefs -> Plugins : uncheck "Auto start vis plugin on play"
4. Prefs -> Input : make a note of the actual filenames of all extra 3rd party plugins not included in the default installation, eg. in_vid.dll
6. Close Winamp
7. Goto Winamp\Plugins dir
i) Rename all files from step 4 with the OFF extension, eg. in_vid.dll.off
ii) Rename all General Purpose plugins with the OFF extension, eg. gen_mirc.dll.off
8. Reopen Winamp & try again.

If everything works ok, re-enable each plugin one at a time, opening & closing Winamp inbetween, until the problem arises again. When it does, you'll know which plugin or setting was causing the problem.

If it still doesn't work, then it wasn't a plugin to blame in the first place. Doh!
If this is the case, stick with 2.73 for now & hopefully this Win2k/NT related issue will have been fixed for the next version?

Sorry I couldn't help you any more.

btw, does it still open multiple instances when you select "Enqueue in Winamp" instead of "Play"? (with "allow multiple instances" unchecked in Prefs)

Did you try my workaround? (Playlist Ed -> Add Files button)
You can add more than one file at a time using this method, by holding down CTRL key whilst clicking the files to add of your choice, or by holding down SHIFT key and using the cursor keys to select succesive/all files.
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Thanks for your comments DJ Egg. It's not much of a problem for me to use 2.73 at all , thought I would just pass along my similar experiences to Nate so he knew it wasn't JUST him. However, in answer to some of your questions posted:

1) I have had a problem on both NT 4 and Win Me so it shouldn't just be a 2k prob.

2) It works fine if enqueue insted of Play with allow multiple instances unchecked.

3) Yes, the workaround works fine, but it's so much easier to highlight selected files if your assembling an album or something.

I havn't had time to check through each of the plugins, and to be honest, it's a minor thing that I can work around for the time being. Thanks for you help, advice and quick response. I'm perfectly happy to wait for the next release!

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Nate J Lynn
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This will work for now

Thank you both of you for your input. From this end, I do not think it is plug-ins. The only plug-ins I have ever installed are visualization plug-ins, and I recently went through all of those and manually deleted all of them except the one I have now, which is Magic Iris. I did play around with the default/included input and output settings, since I had never messed with those before. Maybe that had something to do with it. But I THINK they are back where they should be.

As is, I can live with using "Enqueue as default action" checked and do it that way. It is a minor inconvenience. In fact, I am more concerned about the fact that Enqueue does not create a new playlist like it used to (when used without an open Winamp), which I have read MANY people's complaints about.

But anyways, thanks again for both of your inputs, and let me know if you find out anything else. I will do the same. And in the meantime, I may go try that 2.73 idea myself.
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I have been having this problem with 2.74 also. I am running it on a NT4 machine (with no plugins) and a 98(lite) machine (with just a couple of basic plugins like a playing time counter)

It doesn't do it all the time, just occasionaly. It does happen more often on my NT4 machine (though that is a 486, so perhaps it has something to do with processor speed; either that or it's just my imagination!)

And the option for multiple instances is set so there shouldn't be any!
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I posted this one as new thread, shame on me

About the same scenario: 'Clean' install of Windows (2000 pro with SP1 and Secure Shell & ACDsee installed before winamp). Using winamp with "play in" or "Enqueue" from the menus, opening multiple instances etc. You know the situation.

I downgraded to 2.72, and the problem dissapeared. After upgrading to 2.75 back again, problem is still 'missing'.

Sounds like pretty much "upgrading" bug to me, not the first time clean install doesnt work but upgrading (or installing to workstation where program has been installed before -> something on registery) works fine..

Yes, I probably could repeat this but no, I will not Works now and enough for this time.
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I VE WIN 2000
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I hate to bump a really, really old thread, but I'm having this problem now. I'm using version 5.541.

I never had this issue before, but after the last time I reformatted and then installed Winamp it keeps happening.

Oh, I'm running XP Home, by the way.
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