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Al Pacino Rocks!

Seen the movie scarecrow...it kicks tail!
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Yes, Al Pacino is indeed a very good actor, one of my favorite ones in fact! He was brilliant in "Scent of a woman", "Devil's Adovacte" and the "Godfather", haven't seen Scarecrow yet I have to admit *puts it down on her huge list of must-see movies*

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hell, he was great in Dick Tracy.

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The god father is my favour movie too!
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he was in dick tracy?
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He certainly was, he was in heavy makeup but he played Big Boy Caprice. Personally I didn't think it was one of his better roles, the last time I saw a good Pacino performance was probably The Insider back in 1999. The last time I saw a great performance was Carlito's Way back in 1993.
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