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Sign Of The Time

I was in a 3 day safety orientation this week in downtown Detroit. Very shabby area, hookers everywhere, sleezy half empty building. trash watering holes everwhere you looked. Broken down streets,homes and razor wire protecting the surrounding functioning businesses.

Actually made me sad to see a city that was once dawned in greatness and has now just become a slum lord remnant of those things that once were.

This particular building is the Old Central Train Station, just off Michigan Ave in DT Detroit. It's actually the first part of America that cathces your eye when entering the US from Canada on the Ambassador Bridge. You can't help but notice it, it's in direct view and sits taller than any other when on the bridge.Windows all broken out, half there..I won't go into the element that calls this place home...Shabby,disgusting is the lighter side..

Sad situation that the City of Detroit would sit back and allow this type of shabby display to carry on.

Yet there is not an off/on ramp to be seen that is'nt being worked on due to the upcoming Super Bowl event scheduled to happen in the once dynamic...*MOTOR CITY*..

IRONIC.... To say the least.

Damn I'm glad to be a Canadian..I love America..I have also spent approx half my life travelling it's greatness.I do believe it needs a wake up call though as per the element that runs the cities...They just keep getting worse..

2270 x 1704 (Lge Pic):

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