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Another Iraq Thread

There are ongoing hot disputes about the killing/assasination of Saddam Hussein. Now, I will try to offer some interesting facts, probably most of you don't know.

Iraq was factually in war with Iran during 1980-1988. Therefore I presume that the martial law was effectively set during this period. Saddam was sentenced to death, because ~140 people were killed after a failed assasination attempt in 1982 in Dujail. IF the US were in war and martial law would be set, I believe that they would have dome something similar. At least this is my impression from the many posts like "nuke them all" (on CNN and other sites).

This were known facts. Now come the more interesting ones. Actually, the real genocide occured during the attacks using chemical weapons on Iranian troops and civilians, and Kuridish civillians. However, Saddam was NOT convicted of these crimes.

Even more interesting, the US prevented the adoption of any resolution during the 80s that condemned the use of chemical weapons by Iraq.

The UN Security Council actually investigated the allegations of chemical weapons use (although very sparsely). Report S17911 confirmed the use of chemical weapons and stated specifically that Iraq was using them. Thereafter, the Security Council set to condemn this use. Because of opposition from some countries (speak US), NO legally binding resolution was ever adopted. Merely a presidential statement was issued (which has NO legal binding). THE ONLY country to vote against it, was - guess who -, the US. [3 Western European Countries also abstained from voting.]

The statement can be downloaded from the UN website, see page 147, article 306. A discussion of the legal implications of a presidential statement can be read here (Please download all relevant documents, I do NOT know if they will be available in the future.) The latter document also mentiones that presidential statement, see pages 457-458 (aka 39-40). The statement was announced in the session 2667 on 21 March 1986 (see the official UN list, p 8 (aka 64), "Statements placed on record at meetings of the Security Council". [For a forerunner resolution see this.

Another useful link is here.

Although I did NOT find the official document that states that US did oppose that statement, it was really so. The US was the ONLY nation to oppose that statement (besides France and 2 other W European countries who abstained). Therefore, I must presume that the US was directly interested AND involved in the use of the chemical weapons.

This is the only allegation against Saddam that holds. The use of chemical weapons violates the Geneva Protocol (from 1925) and the charter of the UN Security Council, therefore he should have been tried and convicted for this. [And that use killed > 100,000 people!!!]

However, obviously, the US opposed it during most of 1982(?)-1988 (war began in 1980, but first attacks were in ?1982-1983), and has done so even now.
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