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2017 and WinAmp still one of best mp3 players ?

Its 2017, and honestly how many think that WinAMP is still one of the best Audio players available in market, coming up from old good school days. ?

Just looking into past how quickly times flies.
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MEH! it still has its uses if you want to listen to shoutcast stream or play a few tracks from the same album.

Nearly 4 years since AOL announced they were going to shut it down and there still no sign of a new version... Other software has overtaken Winamp in the space of 4 years IMHO. especially for radio station automation.

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Originally Posted by DJ-Garybaldy View Post
Other software has overtaken Winamp in the space of 4 years IMHO. especially for radio station automation.

yeah that is exactly what i had been wondering about
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Well, at least for me IT IS the best Audio Player, easily.

Honestly, I don't really care for "online features" such as radio (for name something), as it has been long since the last time that I used any of that on WinAmp. For that Spotify works just fine.

What I most love of WA is how easily is to organize the local files. Actually, the feature that is most important to me, besides the Bento layout, is the "Smart Views". They're easy to configure, and to manage, not mention that I can manage my collection smoothly, and effective.

And, being honest, even that I've searching (and testing) for another Audio Player that can bring me the same (or the closest) experience that is navigating, managing, and playing my collection, none has come close to what WA offers. Well, perhaps MediaMonkey almost make it, but the layout, the UI... It had something that doesn't fit at all.

Certainly I'll be glad to see a new version of WA, hoping that, when it comes, it won't be a stripped down version of the awesome piece of software that it already is (as it has happened with other applications). In the meanwhile, it'll be the #1 choice of audio player.
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I'm still using WinAmp.

Of course, I'm using the classic skin and I'm only using it as a player, not for media management at all. All the extra crap is disabled.

Ironically, it's the one player I've found that just stays out of my way, works exactly as I want it to with a very minimal but functional UI (three tiny bars!), and doesn't force all that other crap on me even if it wants me to use it. Of course, that's all been there forever, and none of the new stuff is useful at all, but at least it's still there.
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I am still using Winamp player right now.
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Still the best? Still using?

Still the best? don't know. I've just seen a recommendation for AIMP and will be checking that out soon .. if it lives up to what it appears to be (a reskin'd winamp) then it would replace winamp.

I still use winamp .. I have a few select MP3 Streams that are playing non-stop (if I ever win the lottery I know a few stations that will get a massive thank you for their work)

Example .. One that died long ago and was resurrected by a fan .. BlueMars .. now "Echoes of Bluemars"

Big one.. RadioParadise .. I can't think of many stations that play such a well curated amount of music .. sure they may not delve into punk or edm, but that's the thing there *are* other stations out there for that. (radioparadise.com - kinda like stopping in for a coffee at your favorite coffee house)

off the beaten track: Seb's Sleepbot. This, with what he's done and for as long as he has, is hands down one of the greatest ambient and "sleep"/"chill" oriented streams ever
http://sleepbot.com/ (streams: Sleepbot & Ambiance and no, its not 192k pure audio quality near lossless stuff .. but lets be brutally honest, stealing is wrong regardless, sharing such a great experience is priceless)

Soma.FM - there's got to be something there for everyone .. and Not to be missed.. *EVER* is their XMass in Frisco feed. If you find yourself in the "i hate xmas music and all the crap that goes with it because these wannabe's try to capitalize on it" (ok maybe I'm biased) but anyway .. if you're even close to that .. I'd say give it a listen for a few hours, making sure its not publicly audible if you're in mixed company or at work, because they will play some of the most foul languaged versions of some songs, and others that people might have issues with .. have you ever heard the theme for Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo outside of the rare times its played on Comedy Central? The you're not listening right.

EDM - There's lots of them out there .. and Digitally Imported use to be my "go-to" for it .. at the time, like RadioParadise, a very good mix/mixtape style of play list, with great live sets played too .. BUT .. as the riaa and all the other bmc and money grubbing a-holes came into monetize the market .. DI fell under the "f-it we're charging" model, and I get it, but ... like I said .. if I won the lottery .. in place of this I now use Youtube, Soundcloud, and others for stream sets, and rarely listen to DI any more ... that's been more than 3 years?

And then there's the service I pay for ...

Spotify .. I've long hated their app on windows, but finally gave in to letting them push their crap-tastic updates (though that may be stopping again with its bloat) if only because half the time I tried to launch the old player, it would fail for one reason or another .. and seemed not to happen with newer builds.

Why pay? no commercials, listen to what I want, and altough they still suck at reading people and generating an "auto play list" they still had the first one of any that I actually enjoyed enough to click like on ..

Add to that, that I can pay slightly more, and let five family members enjoy the same thing .. I stopped my Sirius subscription 3 years ago, and haven't looked back. Well maybe once here or there, but never with anything other than dis-belief people would pay for it when they could get a better experience with apps like Spotify, and Google's own .. though I mention the demon and should also express how much I hate (HATE) their music app along with that of Amazon's .. both based solely on web enablement with no serious stand alone player that wasn't born from my second most hated browser "Chrome" but that a perverse conversation for another time, when I feel like putting hot pokers in my eyes like nothing's wrong.

So.. Summation .. still use Winamp to this day for streaming, for local files, did use for conversion but got tired of hand editing MP3Tags, and use to use itunes for that, but haven't installed itunes on my new pc (built feb 2017 and don't think I will ever again until they come down to earth from their lofty bullsh*t heights). But the door is open given the possible promise of AIMP.
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Been using WinAmp all the time, its on of my favorite media apps!
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