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Please include Peter's SSRC code in out_ds!

I am a user of a sound blaster live. The problem with the Live! and Audigy cards is that they suffer from very bad hardware resampling (and the card resamples ALL audio data to 16bit/48kHz), even if the alternative KX driver is used.

This resampling cannot be avoided by sending already "premade" 16bit/48kHz data to the card. Even this data is resampled again by the card. But quality is much better if the card resamples from 48 kHz to 48 kHz than from 44 kHz to 48kHz.

Therefore I want my Winamp to be able to resample my audio data to 48kHz.

I know that there is already a special out_ds SSRC plugin from PP on Sawg's page, but using this plugin prevents me from using the crossfading butting and enjoying all future fixes to the out_ds.dll.

So my wish: Please help all users af Audigy and Live! cards (I think that there are quite a lot) to improve the card's sound quality by including Peter's SSRC code to the current out_ds.dll.

This will help all those concerned with sound quality and will not harm others.

TNX in advance.

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