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AppCompatFlags Windows 7 Registry Problems

I am repackaging an application that I no longer have access to the source code, because of this I am unable to make it compatible with Windows 7 so am using compatability mode instead.

My installer detects if it is being used on Windows 7 and the inserts the following key into the registry...

When I right click the icon and view its properties I am seeing the correct compatibility settings I expect to see, but the program doesnt run

If I delete the reg key and manually set the compatibility settings it works, wierd things is, doing things manually creates the exact same key in the registry.

Is there some other data that needs to be stored somewhere?

This is only happening for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, it works correctly if installed into HKEY_CURRENT_USERS
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Well, that key is undocumented AFAIK so...

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i am also experiencing this and only happens in HKLM and not in HKCU. I have been searching everywhere and I cannot find any solution.
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So what is the problem?
Compatibility setting can be set for Current user or for all users -> that means HKCU or HKLM.

If HKCU is working fine then change compatibility for all users by enumerating all users.
Use ${EnumUsersReg} Your_Function

Still: on the same Windows all users need to have this turned on otherwise the program will not work correctly.

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