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Just to be sure...

*busts out arc welder, blows dust off of it, and welds thread shut*

Mwa, ha, ha.
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Balled and Chained
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[Unlocked. Why? 'Cause I want everyone to love me.]

I love you hunni™. =D =P

* jaz mercilessly rapes Es_Elle_Kay

"My heart hates uggos." –J.D.
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/me drags jaz to bed with me

Consider it your reward ;P
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Major Dude
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Dear SexyLoserKitten,

I need you SexyLoserKitten.
I need your love
I need your abuse
I need your beauty in my life
I need your hugs to make life worth living
I need your good-byes to make life worth hating
I need your eyes so I know my dreams are worth seeing
I need your sighs of satisfaction after sex so I know I'm a good human-being, LOL
Most importantly, I need you in my life

I want to be the night to your castle
I want to be the soldier that protects the queen
I want to be the Knight that helps your rein of terror rule over the world
I want to be your slave
your slave of commanding and conquering
your slave of 4-play and male slut
your slave of " bedtime = handcuffs & whip "
most importantly, I need you

please don't let me down
I don't want to die without you
please don't let me continue to live without sex
I don't want to live life without you, without a person as perfect as you
please don't be scared
please don't run away
I'll run away for you

SexyLoserKitten is the reason why I bother to live at all.
she is the "Queen of SWEET!", LOL

well...hope SexyLoserKitten liked the crappy "made it just now" poem. I made it in honor of her undieing legacy. To describe how most men, but more importantly ME and how I feel, about the legend that is lost....

Big ups to SexyLoserKitten
to the person I was ment to never know
fare well, lady of dreams.
Best Wishes to you and your loved ones.


- Theodis
p.s. I hope one day we can rave all night long

formely known as knightfairy > Theodis > DJ Theodis
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old and quite mad
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I forgot what I was gonna say.

The search for the ultimate signature continues apace. I have journeyed from the peaks of Nepal to the depths of oceanic trenches. I have crossed deserts, jungles, swamps, savannas, steppes and frozen wastelands. I have consulted with seers, swamis, sages, scholars and savants. The peregrination proceeds purposefully.
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