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AIM & ICQ On sc_trans2

Hi all,
I have a problem ..
it's about sc_trans2.
we use in our radio sam broadcaster.
the dj name is accessed via aim.
sc_trans2 connects sc_serv. it works great.
the dj sends his name(by AIM) to sc_trans but sc_trans sends the aim name not to sc_serv.
is there any command that makes it?
how can i fix it?

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DNAS v2 doesn't do AIM anymore

"If you don't like DNAS, write your own damn system"

So I did
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the v2 system doesn't support the AIM, ICQ & IRC values though since the v2 sc_trans also supports the v1 protocols, it will send that information to the DNAS (if sent to a v2 DNAS in v2 mode then it'll be ignored). however, the issue which people have requested is for the information from the DJ connections to be passed through which is not currently done (is on the todo list).

so currently there is nothing which can be done without some coding on my end. and as we're moving more towards wider scale adoption of the v2 system, there is going to be even less emphasis on those old options.

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