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Anyone ever successfully add the system date to a skin?

There are objects in std.mi for it but they return garbage. The code below returns "11/31/69" in the text object, regardless of what the actual system date is. Clock functions work perfectly.

PHP Code:
#include "..\..\..\lib\std.mi"

Global container main;
Timer clockTimer;
Text clockTextdateText;
int sysmonthsysdaysysyear;

System.onScriptLoaded () {
Group clockgroup getContainer("main").getLayout("normal");
clockText clockgroup.findObject("SystemClock");
dateText clockgroup.findObject("SystemDate");
clockTimer = new Timer;
clockTimer.setDelay (50);

clockTimer.onTimer () {
string longtime integerToLongTimegetTimeOfDay() );
int datetime;
string hoursminssecsampm;
hours gettoken(longtime,":",0);
mins gettoken(longtime,":",1);
secs gettoken(longtime,":",2);
ampm=" PM";
  if (
stringtointeger(hours) >= 13) {
hours integertostring(stringtointeger(hours) - 12);
  } else {
    if (
stringtointeger(hours) != 12) {
ampm=" AM";
  if (
stringtointeger(hours) == 0hours "12";
longtime hours ":" mins;
clockText.setText (longtime);
dateText.setText(integertostring(System.getDateMonth(sysmonth)) + "/" integertostring(System.getDateDay(sysday)) + "/" integertostring(System.getDateYear(sysyear)));

System.onScriptUnloading () {
delete clockTimer;

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If you want an example, install ClassicPro and look in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\ClassicPro\engine\scripts\cproabout.m".

But from what I can see is that your using the function incorrectly.

Here are two example of how you get the year and day of year:

So your...
Global int sysmonth, sysday, sysyear;

...line won't be used and all those int's must be replaced by System.getDate() in your code.

Didn't test it again now so might be wrong

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Yep, that did it. One of those things I wish were spelled out a little better in std.mi

PHP Code:
dateText.setText(integertostring(System.getDateMonth(System.getDate()) + 1) + "/" integertostring(System.getDateDay(System.getDate())) + "/" integertostring(System.getDateYear(System.getDate()) + 1900)); 
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