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Red River of the North Flood - 6/16/07 - 26ft

These are some pics I took today of the Red River. The river floods every year, but it varies on how high it gets.

I knew the river could flood, but had no idea that it does flood every year. Last year was my first year living in Fargo, ND. The river finally crested just under 38 feet which is just a few inches short of the 500 year flood stage (0.02% that it could happen) We were only a foot or so away from the 1997 flood that ended up causing 2billion + dollars in damages between ND, MN, and Manitoba.

The pics I took today are of the river at 26 feet. It has crested, dropped a few inches, rose a few, crested again etc a record 7 times so far. It was at about 30 ft last week Sunday so it appears to finally be done.

Anyway here are a couple:

This would be Woodland park. The roof is a park bathroom with a basketball court near it. A lot of people have been jet skiing in this area.

Here is Main St bridge leading from Fargo, ND to Moorehead, MN

Here is another view of the same bridge. Notice the walkway.

Here is from on top of the bridge.

More pics can be found here <--clicky

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Yeah, Floods suck. We generally don't have them to a huge extent like you guys do.
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